Jay Electronica Reveals Snippet of New Song

It’s only been two years in the making (and believe me, I’ve lost track on the calendar), but after recently sharing a snippet of a new song from his long anticipated album, Act II, to a California crowd, Jay Electronica’s promises of the album’s release may finally hold true. The NOLA MC promised in an interview with DJ Semtax a few weeks back to deliver the elusive album on his birthday, September 19th, though this record of broken promises has spun before.

The song preview ensures that the album is not merely folklore in the hip-hop underground, and that it intends to match the hype we’ve expected of him, so some suspicion can be abandoned, though skepticism is basic instinct by now.

The crowd met the sample with fanfare, as the video shows (Jay Elect bobbing his head all the while), and the lyrical mastery lives up to The Almighty Elohim’s previous masterpieces. Decide for yourself, but I’d recommend preparing for an anxious weekend at the keyboard and screen while we wait to see if Act II drops.


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